Visa and Immigration

Single Entry B211 Visa

Whether you want to holiday in beautiful Bali, or you’re an expat returning to Indonesia for a longer stay, anyone is eligible to apply for the Single Entry B211 Tourism e-Visa. It is currently the best option for non-residents and tourists to enter Indonesia and stay for an extended period of time, or for tourists of any nationality who are not eligible for the Visa On Arrival.

The Single Entry e-Visa is valid for 60 days and allows for 2x 60-day extensions, totalling a six month stay period (180 days).

The visa is called a B211 Visit Visa, and when you apply for this visa you’ll need to state whether you require the “Business Visa” or the “Tourism Visa”.

Documents needed:

· Copy of passport (minimum 1 year validity )
· Photos
· Vaccine certificate


Normal process ( 7-10 working days ) => USD 250
Express Process ( 3 working days) => USD 400

*Price already includes sponsorship